January 11th edition of Connections and Thankfulness

Starting a new thing, not sure how often it will run, probably bi-weekly.   Showing some posts I liked during the past week or two, along with listing moments of gratitude.

Connections with Others

1. UsSchooling.  I love the tone and the thought in this blog post.   Instead of calling your style eclectic... call it US schooling.  

2. Friday Boxes. I used to, with my lad, write down one thing we were thankful for every day.  Became part of our routine but sometimes it was hard to come up with something.  I really like this idea of writing down one good thing (or more) of each week on a slip of paper, saving them and then reading them out at the end of the year.   I think we'll start doing this.  Will be lovely to do I think.  :)

3. Making a Change.  I liked this post of Lori's...I love her flexibility in how each of her children operates best.   Made a lot of sense to me it did.  :)

4. Is reading Hereditary.  I just thought this was an interesting question to ask.

5. Loving Languages Every Day.   I just liked this post.   Just keeping reading eh?

Moments of Gratitude

1. "Mom, can I help you with anything?"   I love hearing those words from my boy.  or even better "Mom, is it okay if I vaccuum?  Mom, can I sweep the floor"?   Why do I love that more?   It means I don't have to think of some way to honour his words, he's come up with the idea on his own.  :)

2. Snow and Cold.   I know it's odd.. but snow and cold mean health.  Means germs die.  Means no funerals or extra meals.  Means nothing is fretting people wise.

3. Clothing and it's options.   The fun of watching my boy run around in the snow... with SHORTS on!!!   Makes me smile and shake my head and be glad that everyone has been created differently.  AND it creates conversation starters with other people... like the fellow at the foodbank asking "what's with the shorts?" and the lad talking with him about how he loves shorts and loves the cold because it means he isn't hot.

4. A talkative husband.  Oh my... it's so interesting seeing the stress start to roll off his back and he talking it seems all the time.  I'm having a bit of time adjusting to that.  It's just so very odd.  I like it, but it's a bit of an adjustment.

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Art Book Series: Beatrix Potter

I talked about this gorgeous art book early in December last year.   I just LOVED reviewing this book and find it an absolutely wonderful book that tells us all about Beatrix Potter.