Monkey in the Middle

You know the game right?   

Monkey in the middle.. three people playing, two on the end are tossing something back and forth that the one in the middle wants?   Can be played in fun, but can also be played in a teasing manner? 

Being a middle child is sometimes like being a monkey in the middle.

The oldest ones are more experienced and old enough to not want to share with the bothersome younger sibling, and the youngest ones are so used to getting their own way that helping out the older sibling doesn't occur to them.

I am a middle child.  Can't say it was all bad, could be a lot of fun, being older and younger at the same time.   Teasing and being teased, always someone to play with, but hard when you need downtime as there's always someone around.  :)   BUT with families you take the good with the bad, you make a way because you want to fit in.

Lately I've been reading from Ezekiel, and right now I'm in a section where there are judgements against the nations surrounding Israel.   And I think about how Israel so badly wanted to fit into the nations around them.  How badly they wanted to fit in with gang.

But that's not what God wanted for them.  God wanted them to be HIS people, called to HIS way and HIS purpose.  He didn't want them fitting in with outside sources.

He calls the church to be family.  And how many churches try to fit in with outside sources.   Changing the church to fit society.

Will the church need to sit back and watch judgement being poured out on those sources just as Israel did?   Will the church need to learn again that the Lord himself is GOD and there is none other?

Just something to ponder late on a Thursday night.  

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I got to reading through some of the other courses, looking for anything that might interest me and guess what?   I found a couple.

This one on Digital Art and Product Designs for Small Business. 50 Lessons once a week to put my creative skills to good use learning to make better graphics for my blog posts.   Doesn't that sound great?   I feel rather inadequate sometimes as I lack confidence and natural eye for making graphics.

I have a lad who enjoys history so I've been questing around for a history program I can use once he's gone through all the Veritas Press history program.    To that end I've discovered a what I think will be a good gap program.   This Day in History.  Learning on new history fact a day/week depending on how I use it.   Just the kind of thing to intrigue the lad.   

It's actually rather hard to choose as there are over 300 courses that you can take.   ALL for one low yearly fee.

Just look at all these different categories!
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Field Trip: Ontario Science Centre

One of our favourite places to go is the Ontario Science Centre.  We don't go as often as we'd like, but we do go and have fun.   Our most recent trip we brought along our International Student.

Highlights of our Time

Our competitions against each other with the row boats.   We all competed against each other in different formations.   It was a hoot.  :)   I had video, but it turned out blurry.

We discovered this beautiful picnic spot.   AND while we were picnicing and relaxing in this green spot we were able to listen to "the maple leaf forever". 

the music area:
We saw a variety of wildlife.

Two joys.

One: seeing two boys take sheer delight in creating music with touch panels.   This area is a basically a large box with white panels with colour sections.  As you touch the colours different noises at different levels and tones would play.   The boys laugh and bounced around like a couple of young fiends   Good to see them having fun.

This quiet, unsure of himself yet lad, wasn't sure about doing much anything else.   I caught him though, playing this drum.  Checking out the different sounds depending on where he tapped it.
This is taken just after I caught a first glimpse of his marvellous smile. :)  I regretted moving so that I could get a better picture of what he was doing.

Let's see what else can I pull out from this trip to the Science Centre.....

I thought this was neat:  Seeing this image of multiple babies in the womb...  :)

Anyways, we saw and did so many things, I can't list it all.  
Suffice it to say, we had a great day.