Art Series: The Art of Cursive Logic

 I almost forgot to do a post this week!   Can you believe it?

And a good reminder came in the mail today.... sample pages from Cursive Logic's new book.  Guess what they have created?   It's a colouring book for adults!   

 This book is actually in final production stages so I can't tell you what the actual book will be like but I can tell you this.

They have mentioned to me how the final product will be made on paper superior to what they are sending as samples...and boy.. that will be REALLY nice paper since what they sent is very solid, great paper that won't leak through, printed only on one side, and just a gorgeous paper for a colouring book.

This book is very much geared to teen-adult learners rather than children, as seen from the fine details found on this page. 

Let me tell you what I like about this book.

  1. It all ties together.  If you are wanting to improve your cursive abilities or simply want to learn how to do cursive, wouldn't it be lovely to practice those skills and make some lovely art at the same time?
  2. It's a colouring book and the images are beautiful, the learning the cursive movements is tied into the art work seamlessly.
  3. Quotes that appeal and give me something to think on.
    4. Cursive Logic instruction is not forgotten in the desire to create a gorgeous book.
    You will find the same shapes and movements of the teaching pages contained within the colouring pages.  It's actually quite well done.
 I really really wish I could convey the beauty of the paper... it is SO nice and very solid.   It would be great for using any kind of medium to fill in the pictures.  Though I have to admit, I wish they could have included a sample of each of the kinds of paper they are thinking of using so I could have judged them.  :)

Anyways, if you like colouring... get this book.  If you want to improve your cursive.. get this book.   Either'll improve a skill and have a good time doing it eh?

 The information from Cursive Logic:
  • like to print on thick, art paper
  • with perforated edges for ease of coloring and for display
  • they are doing a kickstarter campaign which you can find here: It's a great way to support a cool book and get interesting product in return.  :)
 I received unbound lesson pages and four sample pages in exchange for this review.

Lab Report: Icebergs Melt At Different Rates in Salt and Fresh Water

My son is learning to make a lab report, so I'm transcribing his report for him as I'm proud of the effort he put into this.  This came up as part of studies on Canada.

Hypothesis: Icebergs will melt faster in freshwater than in salt water.

Procedure: Get two bowls.   Make one bowl saltwater like the ocean 3.5% salt needed.   Have the other bowl be fresh water.  Let the bowls sit so they are same temperature.   Freeze two cups of water in two identical cups.   Take them out of the cups when they are completely frozen.  Use cold water to get them out of the cups.   Weigh them.   Put them in their bowls.  Then weigh them 30 minutes later, Then 15 minutes later.

 I noticed at 30 minutes that the fresh water one had melted the most.   At 15 minutes I did it again and noticed the same thing.  

Observations: take the icebergs out of the water and weigh them.  They will be slippery and cold plus you don't want the heat of your hands changing the results so wear gloves.   Put them back in the water as soon as you weigh them.

Conclusion: Because the fresh water one melted the most I proved my idea correct.  Fresh water will melt icebergs faster than the saltwater probably because of the salt in the water.

Other questions raised:

I noticed that both Filli and Killi were left with their heads frozen in the ice and wondered why their heads thawed out last.