Where the lad learns early start, early end.

Basics done quickly, wants to do no school at Gramma's other than playing a game and reading.

Schooling done: but I'm sick so stayed out of the way.    He did everything on his list easily and quickly.  He's learned starting earlier means he is done earlier.  New sword was made.

On fire with life today, schooling done quickly.   No Foodbank since I was still sick.
Sword broken in stupid accident.  New components purchased.  My fault the accident happened so headachy and icky feeling out we went to get needed supplies.    The lad worked on his iceberg experiment.   This is a redo of the experiment we tried last week but there were too many variables that were problematic.  The lad took the initiative to reconfigure it to be more accurate.  This allowed me to introduce writing a lab report in practice.  Been talking about it, now doing it.  He dictated this one to me.


On fire: schooling done quickly.
Introduced: reading about Canadians.  Picking one from three books I have, reading it and then telling me about it.   He was supposed to read one chapter but forgot the other day so read two today.   He narrated about Norman Bethune and Madeleine de Vercheres.

We had a pleasant surprise of learning more from an ART video about the human skeleton than from some of the medical ones we tried.


I woke up feeling hollow and rather late...the lad was doing well with his schooling and was almost done. I asked him what his plans were for when he finished his schooling... he said "build a new sword mom". I said okay... build a sword! I got a Huge THANK YOU and a hug and off he went.

Fridays is our do it different day... we do almost everything differently except for bible and history. We normally do art, some type of STEM project and a fun word knowledge book. The work he does building a sword easily qualifies as a STEM project so it was easy to let him go. 


The lad had "cadet-o-rama" today so was gone most of the day. Hubby and I went out for breakfast and then since he's still not feeling well from the bug that soared through our house this week we went home and chilled.

I got a HUGE number of blog posts up and scheduled. We chatted and watched movies and just had a lovely quiet day. I also got the young bunnies photographed and my website updated. A good productive day.

Love is in the air, Love is in picture books. review of two picture books.
 Art Series: The Art of Cursive Logic.  A rather neat idea of a colouring book.

Faith and Life: 
Breathe in...out.  A poem for a word prompt party.
To what way does your heart turn?  Devotion from Ezekiel 33.
Recipe: Tuna Melts
The watchmans' Job Description.  Devotion from Ezekiel 33. 
Hymn Study: I come to the garden Alone.
Sunday Sermon: Your Own Personal Jesus.
STEM: 3D St. Peter's Basilica.  Made a 3D puzzle of St. Peter's Basilica.
Lab Report on Icebergs
Learning about Canada: Artic Tern.  A quick report on Artic Tern, a teaching post for the lad.
C is for O Canada.  An ABC blogging post.
January Book Reads.   Books read over the past month.
Reluctant Artist - What do you do?  a practical guide to overcoming reluctance.  

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Love is the air... Love is found in picture books

Ah...just think... February 14 is JUST around the corner.
People planning ways to have a special time with their loved ones.

It's also a time of year when it is SO much fun to grab up a new picture book and share them with your littles...and if they are seasonal.....so much more the fun!  :)

Today I would like to introduce you two delightful little books, given to me by Raincoast Books, for you to introduce to your littlest ones.

Love Is...
This delightful picture book by Diane Adams walks us through what love looks....using a young girl and her duckling.

The text is clear and simple, the illustrations so fitting.  It would be so much fun to sit with a young one and point out all the things that happen, to look for the duck, to see how this young one find a way to care for her charge.
Love is ... all the ways that we care for each other... even to the point of missing our loved ones when they are gone, and the joy we have at their return.  Love is messiness and maturity, snuggles and loneliness.  Love is just so very much.  :)

Love is all around Canada.
Ah...but love is INDEED found in Canada!!!   :)

It is found in national parks, and provinces, caught sidling up to families having picnics, in bears held tight, and in listening to lonely friends.  Love is found in the smiles and helps that others offer.  Love is found everywhere you look in Canada... and as you know.... you can never have too much love.

An easy reading rhyme flows from beginning to end with many Canada attractions mentioned.

I love how this book points out all the ways and places love can be found.   The work that the illustrator did is simply marvellous, so many things to point out to a wondering, learning child.


I would happily recommend both of these books.
Love is... it's a cute story of a girl with her duck, and it parallels so well the love of a family for their child. 
Love is all around Canada: the delightful rhyme, the pictures, the Canadian content... it works.

The illustrators have done a fabulous job with both books, the writers in showing the importance of love and family.   It is what Valentine's Day is all about right?   The love shown in families that broadens to the community around us.

 Amazon.ca: Love Is
Amazon.com: Love Is 
 Love Is
by Diane Adams
Illustrator: Claire Keane
Chronicle Books

9.58 x 7.67
32 pages
Ages 3-5

Amazon.ca: Love Is All Around Canada
Amazon.com: Love Is All Around Canada
Love is all around Canada
By Wendi Silvano
Illustrator: Joanna Czernichowska
11.08 x 8.75 

32 pages
Ages 4-10