The Lord Seeks for His Own

 We continue our study in Ezekiel, the last time we met was about Israel's Shepherds Disciplined. You can read more in my Ezekiel Studies here and here.

Oh....this passage... God seeking for his sheep, seeking for those who belong to him.  Not willing to let them remain scattered and at risk. 

Oh...this passage is a comfort you know?

  • He seeks them out.
  • He rescues them from all the places where they have been scattered.
  • He feeds them.
  • He gathers them together.
  • He feeds them in GOOD pastures.
  • He lets them lie down.   A sheep that is scared won't lie down, they stay on their feet ready to run, so image if God has gathered his sheep together and lets them lie down.  That means no danger threatens.
  • He will seek the lost.
  • He will bring back the strays.
  • He will bind up the injured.
  • He will strengthen the weak.