Review: A Dog's Purpose

Out in the theatres now is the movie A Dog's Purpose.

So I can't say I was really surprised when I was sent "A Dog's Purpose" (the book) to review.   Kind makes sense to promote both book and movie at the same time eh?   :)
I read Ellie's Story a while back and thoroughly enjoyed that book, once I got into it.  It was a nice story about a dog and her person, a dog with a job to do, a dog with a purpose in life.   It's a bit unusual reading a book from the dog's point of view, but once I got past that... a good book.

So when I was given A Dog's Purpose I was admittedly curious to see if I would like it. I have to admit, it was interesting story.   Would I like a book, meant for adults, written from the dogs' point of view?

Well.. I have to admit, it was a nice story.   It was.

I struggled though.   I dislike the idea of reincarnation..and having a dog live, die, a dog live, die and so on throughout it's life just didn't set well with me.

If I could have separated out the separate stories about the dogs' and their lives and somehow managed to have them interconnect without the reincarnation bit I more than likely would have enjoyed the book more.

It was very funny in sections... seeing how a dog might interpret what we are saying to them and how disappointed they might be at missing out on a cookie.   It was intriguing to see a dogs perspective to their family being in peril, or hurt, and how they just might see their "job".   Of course it is also the personification of dogs and the failure to see that dogs are NOT people.  Seeing things through their eyes also helps make that apparent.  Dogs are not people as much as we want to personify them.  

As it was I can say "nice overall story, but not one I would read again".
Makes me wonder how they'll end up turning it into a movie.  :)

Would I recommend it?
If you are able to separate the idea of reincarnation and simply enjoy a story from a dog's point of view, complete with the humour contained therein, then yes.   If you cannot, then I would recommend giving it a pass. 

Author: W. Bruce Cameron
Publisher: TOR
Pages:: 335
Size:  7.56 x 4.63
Book for adults

Reviewed for: Raincoast Books A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans A Dog's Purpose: A Novel for Humans

STEM: Building a robotic hand

Ever since we build a hand out of paper and yarn my lad has been searching for something, almost ANYTHING that would work better.  So imagine our delight when Tinker crates arrived and the topic was "Robotic Hand!"

With the use of elastic, brands, eye screws and working robotic hand was made.

I loved seeing the look of concentration on his face.
Tinker Crates give clear instructions on how to make their crates.  As long as one carefully reads EVERYTHING you can make the STEM project without any issues.  I find them affordable, and the lad likes putting them together so it's a win-win.  

It comes with a handy tinkerzine with greatly expands the learning done.  We have a couple of other projects left in this kit to do.  We just didn't get to them today.

The lad has had a great deal of fun experimenting with the robotic hand.

I really wish I could have videoed the conversation between the lad and his dad afterwards.
Figuring out why the robotic hand doesn't work as well as a human hand.
Seeing how they would change it to make it work better if they could.
It was just a great conversation and one of the top reasons why I like to do these tinker crates with my lad, the conversations with my lad.

That and this statement
"This isn't homeschooling.  This is fun!"

If you follow this affiliate link, you can get $10 off your first Tinker Crate eh?