And it was good! Our week Feb 19-25

We planned a bit of a short week this week.   Plans to go away this weekend, a vehicle in need of repair, and knowing the learning takes place in many different ways.  :)  School happened!   Life happened.  And it was good!  :)

Today was family day, so the lad did his minimal schooling that he does on days off, and off we went to first take part in a demonstration Karate Class and then to go for a walk at the Pinery.   We did some pokemon going while we are there, toured through Grand Bend and just hung out together.

Ice experiment...ooh.. fun with matches!

The lad made cake!
It was his turn to cook, he saw the cake in the cupboard and his eyes.... oh my, they just lit up!   "It's my turn to cook!    Let's have cake!"

He was a bit downcast when I mentioned that just cake for supper was not acceptable... which led him to ask for helped in making perogies.

Dad, not being a lover of perogies opted to make himself some other dish instead.

Food bank.   Regular schooling.  The lad pushed hard and was done by 1230.  :)  
Had a lovely walk together in the afternoon the lad and I did.   New Pokemon out and running around, so we had to chase them down.  :)

School, the lad's report this week on the Caribou.
Garbage day, lovely weather, car work to do... we called it done as early as we could. :)

The lad helped clean the cars out and helped dad work on the rear brakes.   They also fixed the side mirror that I accidentally broke off after over correcting from someone taking a corner really wide.   (I avoided being hit but the car mirror...not so much).

Rabbit picture taking day.

Gramma coming over since hubby and I are heading out for the weekend.   
The lad did practical schooling today making cheese buns.  :)  He'll also be doing animal husbandry and housework with gramma this weekend.   

Hubby and I just schleped around together.    We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend doing absolutely nothing but wandering around together, looking and talking and just being alone without distraction.

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