ACK!! Mom adjustment time!!

The other day my lad was complaining about his nose hurting, dad looked over and said "oh, pimple!"

And my heart just dropped.

TOTALLY unexpected.  My goal is to raise a God-fearing young man, who knows how to work and have fun, who WANTS to leave home and make his own way in the world.

BUT ACK!!!   A pimple...just totally threw me off and made me want my little boy again.     The boys laughed at me they did.   Mockery is a good way to ground a person again isn't it?  :)

Anywho.. moving on to our week.

Monday was a lazy day.  Honestly.  I was still on "I was away all weekend doing nothing and want that to continue" mode.   The lad did his basics and then we left for London.  He camped out at gramma's for the afternoon while Jim and I schleped about town.

I had a whack of books for sale in the trunk and met their new owners later in the afternoon.  I simply LOVE selling books and stuff.  Meeting new people and doing small talk... It's a wonderful thing.  (yes, I know.. I'm weird).

Tuesday we headed off to the Science Centre in Toronto.  We took in the new exhibit and an IMAX movie called "think big".  We wandered a bit more of the museum but then hunger struck.  We had a bit of a shorter day in the end, but it was still a good day.

The Lad's Research: First Nations Hunting Methods

This week I'm doing a report on First Nations hunting methods.

So here are two different hunting methods from the First Nations people.

The first hunting method is one for hunting buffalo also known as bison, this method was used by the plains and Metis peoples, it was their primary way of getting food, They could also get other resources from this such as hide furs sinew and bone, one of the was they hunted buffalo was by separating part of the herd, they would then case them off a cliff and butchered immediately.

The second hunting method is used to hunt whales, The resources they would get from this include oil, meat, bone, sinew and gut which would be used for containers. When they went out whaling they would wait for good weather and then they would set off early in the morning so they would arrive at the whaling grounds by daybreak, they would have eight people per canoe. When they found a whale they would wait until it surfaced they would then follow it to where it would surface again, then they would wait when it resurfaced, they would throw harpoons and the harpoons were attached to balloons, the balloons and harpoons were not meant to kill it just to slow it down and keep it near the surface, the killing blow would be done using a specialized lance.

The sources are below all the information I got came from them 

Mom here: I added a picture that I drew quickly to show one method of hunting.   The lad approved my one minute drawing efforts.  Can you spot the "fun" element my son added?     I did help him correct some spelling and typos before we posted it.  :)

Purpose in Blogging

Recently I have been reading that if a person wants to have a successful blog they need to be great right from the start, honing their craft right from the very beginning.  That if they don't have great material right from the beginning that they might as well not bother, cause all people will remember them for is their less than stellar work.

Do we really have that much expectations of people?

To expect perfection right from the beginning?   Do we not allow learning curves anymore?   Why do we put so  much pressure on folks?

All this information out there on this is the way to a bang buster blog.....but you have to do it all just so and write perfectly and have great graphics, and pin everyone else materials and .... the list goes on.

So much pressure to do it all correctly or .... the message is....don't bother or expect only for others be noticed or bothered about cause that first impression is all that matters.

I find that sad.

What about seeing what the true purpose is....honing a skill, sharing information important to the blogger, teaching/giving a reader new information.
Walking your way through what is most important to that person.
Knowing that telling folks to do it all perfectly right from the start is the only way to go, or you might as well forget about it.

Is there  one grace allowed, no time or gradual growth?   Should one really give up if they haven't perfected the craft in blogging before they even begin?

Is there really no point?  No purpose?

Sometimes I wonder....


This is a five minute Friday post. the word prompt is brought to us by Miss Kate.  Today the word is purposeWhat is Five Minute Friday?  Well it's a party of a group of like minded folks who gather on Friday to do a five minute free write around a singular word.  AND THEN we take the time to offer up encouragement to each other on this writing journey.  It's fun, though it's not always easy, but it is always good.   Come join us won't you?  You are always welcome.