Family and Loyalty

The Homeschool Review Crew does word prompts for Instagram fun, I think it's great to have these words prompts for doing quick posts.  :)   I find them fun as sometimes it surprises me where my brain goes.  :)

The word for today is Family.  Let's follow my brain where it goes eh?

I had a friend tell me once in college that I had too strong a loyalty to my family.   At the time I was struggling with living my life as a young adult away from home, and I thought maybe, just maybe she was right.  Otherwise why would I be struggling so much?

As I've matured I have to question that.

I am not sure that one can have too strong a loyalty to their family.
Family is a central part of living in my eyes.
It's where you learn your place in the world. 
It's where you first learn manners, how to work, how to have a conversation, how to start forming your own world viewpoint.

I am not going to say that family is easy for everyone, cause not everyone comes from a stable, faith-believing family.  

And even with this stable, faith-believing family we have had our issues and struggles over the years as we butt heads over different ways to live out our lives of faith.  Within those struggles though is the safety net of the love of family.

Do I have loyalty to my bet your bottom's fierce and strong.  It's as real and tangible to me as my love for my heavenly Father.   (if not sometimes more).  :)   Through them I have learned the cost of love.    This has helped me in the raising of my son.

Family is ah... a good thing... not only my birth family, but also my made family.   
Hubby, son, and all our critters.  This is family. is good.