Review: Time Stoppers

 I LOVED this book.

Admittedly...when it started I was wondering what in the world Raincoast had sent me, children being hurt, feeling lost and alone, adults letting them down, but it didn't take too long before I was totally hooked.

Time Stoppers by Carrie Jones is a winner. 

Half way through chapter two I was hooked.  Monsters?  In a sleepy little town?   Okay.. so what was the deal with the girl Annie in the first chapter?  Was she connected? How was she connected?  What's with the dog thing?  My curiousity aroused, I kept reading...and reading..and reading.  My sweetheart told me to get my nose out of the book and talk to him.. I distinctly remember mumbling at him... :)

Finding myself impressed with the character development. Watching Annie and Jamie develop into characters with gumption.  Laughing at Eva and her uniqueness and being delighted with Bloom with his determination.   Just great characters that I would like to continue to see in action.

Aurora is where Annie and Jamie end up, with a choice.. stay and protect or return to their home (albeit in a better situation than before).  They make their choice and now we have to see if Aurora will be safe. 
The nasty guy is well.. NASTY!  Seriously.   I'd like to stomp on him. But the youth are determined... will they see through.. well.. you gotta read the book as I'm not into spoilers.  :)

My Thoughts:
I cannot say that the first chapter of this book is an easy read.  It isn't.  Things happen that should not happen to anyone.  Seriously.  BUT that 'not goodness' sets the stage for the choices made later on.  Sensitive-minded children would need to be encouraged to push through and see what happens later with those choices.   (or just wait until they are older to read the book).  Beyond that.. LOVED THIS BOOK.  I found it a great read and the parts I read to my lad have him interested in reading it too... So we may end up with a Carrie Jones fan on our hands eh?   Which isn't a bad thing as ... there's a second book! 

Time Stoppers
Carrie Jones
Bloomsbury Children's Books
372 pages
Fantasy, softcover
approximately 8 x 5 inches
Age: 8-12 years.

Reviewed for Raincoast Books.

Where can you find this treasure? Time Stoppers Time Stoppers

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