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Review: Marine Science for Kids

Marine Science for Kids is part of the for kids series put out by Chicago press. These books are fantastic resource for helping children explore a particular topic, in this case Marine Science.

The Lad's Research: How to Farm Crickets

How to Farm Crickets

The first step in farming crickets is to either catch some or buy them in a store. If you buy them in a store they are less likely to have diseases.   If you catch them in the wild, you want that ones hardest to catch, and you'll need to check them for mites, You will probably need 20-50 of them depending on the size of your container. Make sure you have a mix of males and females. You can see a picture of a female cricket here

Field Trip Friday: Hershey Chocolate World

One of the field trips we took when we went to Pennsylvania was to Hershey World, lots of people suggested we go, so we went.

Ergo, I thought I'd share our trip with you.

Because I am reminded, I accept

I accept
I take on 
I willingly do this thing.

You know.. 
That thing you would have me do

It's hard though
sometimes to do this thing

To be the woman that 
I am called to be.

And yet, 
When I see that you Lord
YOU manage all the details.
You mind my back.
You take care of enemies.
You are my source.

Then that reminder
Helps me all the more

A Pearl Seeker: A Spiritual Mindset

Intro...Remember the Alamo,  choice given,  step over the line and fight, or go home.  As Christians we step over the line to go with God rather than stay with the old.  Once we step over we can't go back.

People, very human people, wrote the bible.  God chose them, as holy people,  people serving him,  to write down his words.

We are introduced to Ezra,  prophet, who kept the physical copy of the Torah.  He was a scribe, part of an educated respected class.   This copy was scrolls that would be big and bulky.  They travelled 900 miles through hostile territory with God minding his back.  Why?

Ezra 7:10   God's hand was on him because Ezra studied God's word with an Intent to know it, to live it and to teach it to others.

Be a doer of the word.  Know it, do it. 
Have that hunger to know his word and to be changed by it.
To live out that change.

My thoughts: 
This is a good reminder.. you know?  
To think about the steps the Ezra took.  First to know the word of the Lord.  He studied it extensively, wrote it out as part of his work, and yet.. even though he studied it and knew it for his work, even in his off-time, God's word was still that important to him.

But it wasn't just a matter of studying it, he allowed it to change him.  He lived out what he learned and knew of the Lord God.

And having lived it... he taught it to others. 

Isn't that what we should do?   Teach others WHY we live as we do.  

If we follow these steps, don't you think Christianity, our faith, our beliefs, would become contagious?  Helping to turn the hearts of others to God.

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God Gave the Authority

Learning today from Romans 13:1-7.
romans 13:1-7

Art Book: It's Great to Create

Jon Burgerman has created a really fun art book for us to use.  Coming up with 101 creative exercises for anyone to do as they play around doing art.

art create exercises

God's Got it in Hand

Romans 12:9-21 is our passage for today.   I still have thoughts in my head from yesterday right?   How God graces us all with differing amounts of faith and within that faith given, bestows upon us different gifts that we are to use well. 

That lives the question doesn't it... what does it mean for a Christian to use those gifts well, upon what do we base the use of them.

Paul answers that in today's lesson.

Canada Book: Hey Freddy, it's Canada's Birthday!

Hey Freddy, it's Canada's Birthday is a book about Canada geared for the younger set.   Let me tell you all about it.  :)

Star Wars and Ghost Box the #PlayTestShare Giveaway

It’s a  wonderful time of the year! Guess what!  It is time for Raincoast’s #PlayTestShare.  Today I get to show you a couple of really neat items I reviewed from Raincoast Books and YOU dear Canadian Resident, get the chance to win one!

Gifts Differ By Grace Given

Romans 12:3-8 is our passage for today.

40 Ways in Which to Present Research

Presenting research is an integral part of schooling.  It can be done simply by talking, but often times in the business world you need to be able to show your audience such as you boss or team members, the material you've gathered in different ways.  Practicing this skill in your formative years helps you to hone your abilities. 

Hymn Study: All People that on Earth, Do Dwell