Exploring the World Starting with Canada.

Week Four of the Virtual Curriculum Fair which is hosted by Susan.  This week is all about exploring the world, history, geography, and science.

This year we are making a focus of using Canada to study
geography, art and history.

We have a spine that we are using for the history portion, and around it we are doing art, watching videos, reading books, and learning geographic terms for the various sites we see along the way.   Science in learning about animals, rocks, minerals etc (like the beaver we'll be studying this coming Tuesday).

I still have a goal of traveling across Canada with him, going east one year and then west the next. But until we can do that... we'll visit our fine country through books, video and study.

How about you?   What do you want to see with your children?

To that end I have found some excellent resources for broadening our study on Canada.

Mrs. Nelson's Study on Canada.   Make a tour guide and vacation your way through Canada.  :)

About Education will walk you through how to do a unit study on Canada.

ABC Teach has a variety of free and pay worksheets for learning about Canada.

The Eric Institute of Education Services is a government site that is searchable for documents related to a wide variety of information.  I found a ton of documents on First Nations people.

EdHelper.com has small unit studies on six of the Canadian Provinces.

I am looking forward to showing him the beauty of Canada's National Parks.

Link to Learning helps grade six students understand more about Canada's Trading Partners.

If you haven't discovered it yet, the Canadian Geographic Resource Centre is a really great resource.

I'll be using these Interesting Courses from SchoolhouseTeachers as well.

You might find some help here about understanding the Canadian Electoral System.

If you come to visit you might see some of the amazing animals that call Canada home.

And if you want to see more of Ontario, Check out the field trips we have gone on.  HERE and HERE.   It's good to learn about Canada in a variety of ways you know?  :)

Let's keep the history, science and geography alive with our children eh?  

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  1. We've been doing more local trips. Well, except the big trip all the way to Virginia in September (that's halfway across the country for us!). But we explore through books and video, too.

    1. exploring is good is it not? :)

  2. What a great listing of opportunities to explore your country. I love how deeply you ponder and consider and plan, even when things are not yet within achievable sight (such as the cross-country trip). This study will be wonderful for the lad. - Lori

  3. This is a great collection of resources---I suspect the lad is really enjoying the study of his home. Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. he certainly seems to be at this point. :)


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