Language Arts: Our Style

Welcome to the Virtual Curriculum Fair 2017 week two.  This week we talk all about language arts, how one plays around with words.   Our host is the lovely Susan.  You can learn more about the VFCF2017 right here.

I have to admit, it took a while to figure out a system to study Language Arts in our home.
Knowing that my boy (like his mother) tells stories as easily as breathing I thought, why not use that.

So I grabbed this freebie book from the library discard pile and off we set.

First he needs to draw a picture of the story he wants to write.  He spent days at this, getting all the details right and NO, I'm not allowed to show you.  :)

 Then you develop your main character.  This was harder than the lad anticipated.  He thought he could just do yellow, pointed ears character.   Then I asked : so how tall is he?   Does he eat meat or vegetables?   What makes him laugh?   Does he ever cry?   Does he have friends or is he a loner?

Once he had the character nailed down a bit better he moved on to writing his story.  Bit by bit he adds to it.  And bit by bit he learns.  Every day a 1/2 hour of work is required.

Each time he gets a chapter done, we sit down and we edit it together.  We make the changes right in his story, discussing spelling errors, word usage, sentence structure and all that fun stuff.

And you know what?   He's learning.  It's not a battle.  It's a sitting down and talking and learning together.  Sometimes I'll read a sentence and not know what it wrong with it, so I'll ask other folks and they'll show me what's wrong and then the lad and I both learn something new.

It's good to do this.  :)

I have to admit, I getting curious about what treasure his character is going to discover...

Anyways, this book has a variety of stories one can write out, from adventures to mysteries.
Draw it out, write it out chapter by chapter and just work your way through it.   We'll be working our way through it for a good time to come yet.  :)

I admit that we are taking our time with it, and we did get side-tracked when I was ill so are rather behind, but a new week is dawning and a lad will learn and grow, and I'll be there with him.

This post is part of the Virtual Curriculum Fair.   I do hope that you'll join us in reading through what some of us have put together.   Here's the list of the gang.  :)

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  1. I love it! Good for your boy! That is an amazing book from the sounds of it. Hopefully one day we wil see and read some of his writing. :-)
    Those discard piles can sure have some great stuff in them!

    1. it's been a very good find for us. :)

  2. Sounds like a cute book---I may have to look for it. ;) My younger son is using Adventures in Fantasy, which is a bit more detailed, but a similar concept. He started out mapping out his fantasy world (he drew a beautiful map) and now he's buy writing his travelogue which describes traveling through his fantasy land. It's amazing what these kids imagine. :)

    1. It's a great book for my lad. :) adventures in fantasy sounds good too.

  3. Oh my goodness! I NEED this book! My two youngest kids would LOVE this!
    I need to check out Adventures in Fantasy, too!

    1. oh good..Go out and get it.. you'll love it! :)

  4. That really does look fun and interesting! I need to check this book out myself. Thank you for sharing about it!

    1. you are most welcome. it's a good book. :)


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