Summer Schedule in our House

So at the beginning of June I was starting to feel a tad frazzled.. okay.. honestly.. I was feeling frazzled at the beginning of May but felt like I needed to push through as this was a tough year for us and I felt like I NEEDED to get the lad through a few things...

Went on vacation (it was fun and a good break but VERY tiring).

Got back and just COULD NOT get back into the routine of doing school so I told the lad.. You are officially on Summer Schedule.

"What's that mean Mom"? he asked curiously.

It means that when life is going normally you will do the following

1. Math.. choose one of three math programs, mix it up if you want or just do one. Matters not.  Just math, three days a week.  Choice of UnLock, Smartick or Kumon.

2. Veritas Press.  Finish up whatever course you are working on.  When it's done.. it's done for the rest of summer.  USE IT UP!  Three days a week.

3. Language arts of some sort.   Right now that's Pirates.  He also has a book he's writing, editing, spell checking etc.  Again three days a week.

4. Foodbank day.  Just be helpful.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Be helpful.  To that end he is packing and unpacking cars, stocking shelves, helping with dating goods, working hard on delivery days bringing things in and putting them away.   

5. Fridays.. art and STEM and reviews. 

That caveat is there that if we have a big review to do that he'll help me out and we'll work on things together. 

The understanding is there that if we have other plans .. it's summer.. and school can and WILL fly out the window.  :)  Vacation will happen, trips to the beach will happen, international students will happen, digging up the gardens will happen, yard sales and book sales and birthday parties, and visits with family and day trips out of town and so much more awaits us in Ontario.

WHY don't I give him the entire summer off?   
He's an only child, doing school for an hour, three days a week won't hurt him, and to have fun building stuff together on Fridays doesn't feel like school eh?   It's good to keep learning eh?  Gives yah something to do, means you don't forget things, and it's an aid to your mental capacities.

The crew is doing a round up post... go follow along eh?


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  1. Summer schedules can sure help ease the pressure of getting things done but still being productive.

    1. yes they do. and since I was sick for a good part of the winter, it helps him catch up too! :)


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