What I do when I Rest... READ!

You know what I do when I rest?   One of two things... colour in my colouring book and ... READ.  I, if I'm totally honestly, read more than I do anything else when I am at rest.   What do you do?

So did you know that this month I took some time to rest?   I read book or two.  :)   Not as many as I would have liked...but I read some books.

Cell by Robin Cook.   This book had me riveted.  The end just left me hanging.. made me want to shake my fist at it.  But overall, interesting book and led to a fascinating conversation twixt the lad and I.  Conversations about where technology could take us and what kind of things to be mindful of when creating them and how to safe guard people.

Once was a Time by Leila Sales.  This book I read with my lad over breakfast.   One to four chapters per day depending on how much he begged "one more mom, just one more".   Excellent book, a review will be coming up later.  All I can say is this "Mom, tell people to read this book, it was good".

I read something else, but hubby cleaned off my table and the book kinda.. well.. walked away somewhere. I remember liking it..but the name.. ah, slips my mind!  I've recently started a new Nora Roberts. AND at some point I'll be picking my way through "Writing Tools" that I picked up at the Writer's Conference.   55 strategies.. so that's more than one a week for a whole year! 

Ah... Janet Evanovich's Four to Score.  Wow...this one was a bit of a wild ride and following it at times a challenge, but Stephanie is fun with an interesting Italian family.  :)  Murder mystery with humour... I liked it.

I read a bunch of review books which.. well you know what?  Instead of me listing them off GO CHECK HERE to read those reviews.   

Which ones stood out?  

I particularly enjoyed "Art Up Close" and "Gobi, a little dog with a big heart". 

I read some others that will be posting over this coming month... one to watch for is Writing Radar .. my lad read this one and said it was good...I used it as part of his language arts work.  One on Backyard Chickens.. fascinating and all about chickens so it HAD to be good, and Moving with Actions & Words.... didn't expect to like that one but I found it very interesting... so interesting in fact that sometime over the next couple of months I'll be reviewing the ones for middle school and high school as well. (love awesome companies who help with that eh!)

Okay, now it's your turn.
What book related posts do you have?
Read or reviewed any GOOD books lately?


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  1. Linked up. :) I will have to look up the lad's recommendation. Reading is such a good way to rest but I don't think I would relax reading some of your choices. :)

    1. yay! someone on my linky! :) I really need to sit down and read more books just for me eh? no...not all my choices fit everyone... but that's a goodly thing eh?

  2. Wonderful link-up, Annette! That you for allowing me to share some of my book posts!

    1. cool, I hope you enjoyed visiting others as well.

  3. Linked up. :-) I like to read during my resting time as well.

    1. it's a good thing to do isn't it Kym


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