Books Read in February

February was a good month for getting some books read.  I hardly know where to start!

Books read with the lad

- Haunted Canada - a series that the lad loves and I need to take a break from.  Spooky stories from around Canada about paranormal activity in Canada.

Fiction book based on the life of Jesus and people's thoughts about what a redeemer would be all about.  Hard times learning the truth, and seeing a new way.  I loved this book as a child, and now my boy loves it too.  :)

 Recommended reading.

 The lad and I have enjoyed all the books in this series.

This one focused on the tropical Rainforest habitats that are found all over the world.

Great images contained within.
Lots of information of a variety of plants, animals and more.

Excellent book.

Scene is the Israelites in the desert.  Story of a girl with her family, just a great story that had my lad so intrigued.

Recommended reading.  :)

This book was not quite what I expected, written for a younger age group as a reader/study book.

When I asked my lad if I should put it away and pull out something different he refused.  He wanted me to read it to him anyways.  He found it interesting to learn what wheat becomes and how oil refineries work even in a simple terms.  

C is for Canada.

A great picture book for a first introduction to Canada.

Surprisingly meaty.

Books read on his own:

This is a book my lad read on his own.  One person a day, and then narrating what he learned about that person.

He's learning who some of the important people of Canada are.

Good stuff us Canadians have done.

He's working through another book right now

The lad continues to work through the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter.

Books read as reviews
My reads:

I've read a couple books this month but failed to write down what they were (been too busy lately)!   Man!!!! (frustrated about that)  I've taken up reading through three non-fiction books and posting on them once a week (I've missed this week and will hopefully catch up with weekend).   

I've recently started reading "Shepherd, Potter, Spy and Star Namer".   It's a good book. Looking forward to finishing it.  :)


  1. Good selection of reading material there. By the way, thought you'd like to know that I've been reading the James A. Owen book you highlighted last month. :-)

    1. what do you think of it Kym? Enjoying it?

  2. It would be lovely to have more time to read. I make the best of what I have, and have used some of your suggestions to add to my "want to read" list!

    1. Oh good, always nice to have more books to read. :)

  3. Quite a lot of reading your family has done! My girls have been constantly reading and rereading their books, but I have been busy with work I haven't been able to really finish any book. Except for The Girl with All the Gifts, which is a makes-you-think kind of book. I'm considering letting my older daughter read it in a couple of years because I think it will make a good discussion.

    1. It sounds like an interesting read.

  4. It's fun to see what people read! Always makes me wish that I had more time for more books... soooo many good ones out there.

    1. there's always time for books...just not when you are driving (unless you are listening). :)

  5. Looks like a great selection of good reads. I will have to look for Tirzah for my daughter. That looks like a good book. I love seeing what people are reading as it gives us ideas for books we may not even know about. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tirzah is a good one :)


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